Marriage & Divorce Myths That Scare Singles Debunked

There’s lots of marriage myths infecting the minds and hearts of many singles. They hear “Christians are divorcing at the same rate as non-Christians,” and that “More than half of all marriages end in divorce.”

But the truth is, over 80% of married couples are still married to their first spouse and the vast majority says they are happy.

In Shaunti Feldhahn’s new book, The Good News About Marriage, she debunks marriage myths, having worked with Barna and conducted her own thorough surveys on married couples asking them many questions, and even she was surprised at the overwhelming positivity she discovered from these married couples.

If you’re single and afraid of marriage because your parents divorced, or you believe the lie that even Christians divorce as much as non-Christians, I really encourage you to check out Shaunti’s book. It really is good news for singles. And I can testify, being married myself, that I am very happy with me and hubby’s relationship and that as time goes by, our marriage just keeps getting sweeter. I’m extremely blessed and thankful to have Jonathan as a spouse, and I know I’m not alone. You don’t have to be either.

Have you been afraid of marriage? Would you like to share your thoughts? Feel free to leave a comment.

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