How To Know If You’re Beautiful

You’re beautiful because God crafted you. You’re beautiful because the All Beautiful Creator of this insanely gorgeous universe knit you together. The Artist of all artists painted YOU. You don’t need to get dolled up and post a pretty selfie to prove you are beautiful. In fact, many women who American society would consider NOT beautiful are exactly the women God deems precious and beautiful; plain, humble, gentle, submissive to husbands, women who adorn themselves with good works rather than lavish makeup and accessories.

I challenge every sister in Christ to delete the selfie they think they look most beautiful in, the one with the most likes, and to not repost it. Why? Because I think many of us women deep down post those pictures because we feel good when we get attention for them, but it’s vanity, pride, and truly a cheap high.

Christ thinks you’re beautiful when you wake up first thing in the morning with messy hair and bad breath—He NEVER takes His eyes off of you or forsakes you, not for a moment.

And honestly, you do not want a guy who is hitting on you just because he thinks you’re hot and fantasizes about you. You want a guy that sees how you live for Christ and is attracted to THAT. Sometimes sisters wonder why all they attract are wolves, users, dogs, unbelievers etc. and to them I say, “How are you presenting yourself?” Are you posting sexy pics with cleavage shots, or bathing suit shots, or close-up lots of make-up shots?

A girl recently did a study and found that when she had lots of make-up on, she attracted nasty guys coming on strong. When she posted pics without make up, the guys maybe mentioned she was cute, but were more interested in who she was and what she was into rather than how “hot” she was.

Holiness attracts holy men. Worldliness attracts worldly men. And let’s face it, “the lust of the eyes” is worldly. You want a guy who is attracted to you because of who you are in Christ, not because of how good you look. That guy is WAY more marriage-material. In fact, the other guy ISN’T even marriage-material.

If you’re sick of attracting the wrong guys, I encourage you to take a good look in the mirror. Are your clothes real right and make-up just right? Or are you truly modest and simple with your make-up? Just something to think about.

Much love princesses,


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