New Video: Your Identity In Christ

I just posted a video on YouTube about our amazing new identities in Christ. We need to be reminded of who we are in this world that bombards us with lies of who we are not. Satan lies to us often as well, and we need to remember the truth about who our God says we are. I hope it speaks to your heart.

Much love,


2 thoughts on “New Video: Your Identity In Christ

  1. Natasha-thank you!! Thank you for such an inspiring video, and thank you for your obedience to be bold and speak to us about things that we could so easily not value the importance of in our relationships with Christ. God bless you and keep up the amazing work. And for showing us your adorable dog 😉

    1. No problem sister. I love you girls and I’m so blessed to share with you all anything The Lord enables me to glean from Him. He’s awesome, and I pray I can continue being used by Him to build you precious ladies up. And my dog coming into the room was an accident lol, but it’s all good, thankfully I didn’t lose my train of thought! Lol

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