Abortions Are So Much Fun

I don’t see a problem with women desiring equal voting rights.

I have some quibbles with women desiring to be in the military though. I don’t think fighting in the military should be a right as much as it is a test of skill and strength because you need both in order to effectively protect the nation. The physical grit it takes to be a solider is serious and yes, between two healthy humans, men are physically stronger than women. Not only that, but women can be targeted as sex slaves and become rape victims if they’re captured by the enemy where as most of them just want to kill their male adversaries. But throw a woman their way and they might just abuse her sexually before killing her. I don’t know about you, but there is naturally something more gentle and nurturing in a woman than in a man. Therefore, when men die for their country, it’s just more acceptable than a woman dying so violently, putting herself in harm’s way on the battle field rather than using her nurturing gifts to take care of someone at home.

I especially take issue with women having the “right” to murder their children. Americans do not have the right to murder anyone outside of the womb. It is not a right, but a crime. Yet for some reason, since the baby is so small and not visible on the outside, it’s socially acceptable to dismember them and throw their remains in the garbage? Let any mother decide to chop up her child after birth and she’ll face life in prison or the death sentence, but have a “doctor” do the same exact thing to a smaller child in her womb and it should be legal. There is no doubt that abortions are committed after the living child has a heartbeat and often times after his arms and legs have already begun to grow yet because this living baby isn’t completely grown, it’s okay to dice him to pieces? I’ve seen an ultrasound video of a baby getting aborted. It was horrific. His heartbeat rose incredibly, and he was literally moving away from the steel sticks trying to rip him to death, then little by little, you see the baby’s limbs getting torn apart, and then finally, his dismembered head is floating in the midst of his remains.

image image


This is what abortion is: the cruel killing of a life. If it’s not yanking the baby to bits, its utilizing the abortion pill that Planned Parenthood deceitfully calls a “medicine” that “ends an early pregnancy.” They are very minimal in their explanation of how this pill works, but this is what it really does to your unborn child when he or she is 9 weeks (already having his or her essential body parts, organs, muscles, and nerves which means baby can now feel any pain administered to him):

Mifepristone works against [progesterone, the pregnancy hormone]. It breaks down and then destroys the surroundings the baby has established in his mother’s womb, and eventually destroys the baby as well. The chemical cuts off nourishment to the preborn child, who starves to death inside his mother’s womb. After mifepristone has killed the tiny boy or girl through starvation, this second chemical [misoprostol] is designed to push the dead baby out of the mother’s womb.


Or they suck your baby out of you.

How can this barbaric act be a woman’s right? After reading this and seeing these images, do you believe killing an unborn child should still be a choice?

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