The Power Of Prayer

I was reminded of the power of prayer last night while gathering with our home church. A young woman came for the first time who God divinely brought to our group, and we prayed over her to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, for He had yet to fill her. She cried and lots of healing happened in her. It was so beautiful; God’s presence and His healing, loving work in her life. It convicted me to really pray more diligently. I pray for all of you ladies, but I’m sure I can intercede more fervently. It is my goal to make more time to pray. I see from my own home church just how greatly we all need prayer support. We all could use the prayer of our fellow saints.

For those of you who faithfully keep me in prayer, I thank you so so much. Please do continue to pray for me. We need it all the more as the Day of the Lord draws near and this world becomes more and more evil. We need it so our hearts don’t become cold and discouraged.

Thank you again for your prayers. I will continue lifting you all up as well, and all the more so. Much love to you precious family. Feel free to leave a comment with a prayer request or to email me with your prayer requests at betterthanedward(at)live(dot)com

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