Why I Prefer Jesus’ Love Over An Earthly Man’s

I look out my window and gaze upon the plants and trees, all with their multiple hues and designs. I see adorable squirrels playing tag, and gorgeous blue jays flitting about. And the sun shines its glorious golden warmth upon my face as I pray to the Creator of all of these marvelous things.

What man on earth can compare to the Heavenly Man? Jesus is described as having eyes that blaze like fire, and a body that appears to be fashioned from bronze. His face shines brilliantly, brighter than the sun itself.

I even picture the not-so-glorious Jesus, the man pinned to a cross, bloody and naked, skin marred and hanging from his bones. How broken He became, how broken He allowed Himself to become, even to the point of death, for us.

I ask again, what man on earth compares?

What man on earth can say he has both died and resurrected for you, and taken you by the hand and led you to the path of heaven?

What man can say he’s always known every inch of your being, and loved you the same before you ever have him the time of day?

Jesus makes beauty out of ashes, catches our tears in a bottle, is with us and watches us all the time. What man on earth can possibly remain with us always? The earthly man cannot be with us 24/7, he cannot be there to catch every single tear, he does not always have the right words to say—or not to say.

Only Jesus, the Eternal Lover of our souls can offer so perfect, so full a love.

So my precious sisters I ask, why are you not content with His love?

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2 thoughts on “Why I Prefer Jesus’ Love Over An Earthly Man’s

  1. I can witness this to be so true! I can’t say in the last three years of my life that I did feel, understand or see this love of Jesus Christ as you have described it now, but I am happy to say that the past few weeks of my life I started understanding Jesus Christ love for us and I was able to make that precious love my own and see myself the way that God Father and Jesus Christ see me and no earthly love will ever be able to compare!
    How great and awesome is our God!

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