The Best Gift A Married Couple Can Give Their Children

The other night Ron Hutchcraft from Moody Radio taught something about marriage that left me and Sir Jonathan literally saying, “Wow…”

You know what is the best gift you can give your children [besides the gospel]? To love your spouse.

Ron said that often times in a marriage, if things get tense, the couple shifts their love toward their children. But like another pastor once taught, a husband and wife are not one flesh with their children, but with each other. Your love for one another should overflow to your kids. In that covering of mommy and daddy’s love for one another is where our children find the most security. If the love is getting overshadowed, that is also where they become most insecure and that insecurity can manifest in various destructive ways.

Psalm 127 says children are a heritage and a reward from the Lord. They were never meant to be a distraction or burden for a husband and wife. We mustn’t let them come before our marriage, our one-flesh covenant union. The priorities are to be God first, spouse second, children third. If any of these priorities ever get out of order, chaos and ruin quickly follow.

By God’s grace, my pregnancy hasn’t been brutal in the slightest. I haven’t gone nesting-crazy yet, I’m excited for baby, but not obsessing over his arrival. However, I know when he is here, the demands for both my time and energy are going to skyrocket. But I must remind myself that no matter how much our baby needs me, my husband needs me too. I pray I am able to keep that truth in perspective and care for our little one as best I can, while also continuing to respect and love my hubby as best I can.

Do pray for me. I will continue keeping you all in prayer. I’m here for you, but most importantly, Christ is always with you.

Grace and peace to you,


Are you a wife and mother of young children, or have already raised your children and can relate to this topic? If you have any words of wisdom, encouragement—or warning—feel free to share them in a comment. As iron sharpens iron, so one believer sharpens another 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Best Gift A Married Couple Can Give Their Children

  1. I know a godly couple who waited 18 long years for the Lord to answer their prayer for a child. And the Lord graciously provided the cutest little girl. Elianna. She’s now four years old and is the most beautiful and creative little soul. This couple is such a good example to me of how to love your spouse. Although this child was so waited for, and fervently prayed over, they did not loose sight of each other and their priority towards one another. Because of Sarahs deep respect for her husband, and Andrews unconditional love for Sarah, Elianna is showered with love and is able to see them act out the gospel on the daily. And they are able to bless and mentor people like me though their harmonious work for Christ. I pray that this would also be the case for you and Sir Jonathan! May the Lords hand of safety be over the delivery of your son. ❤

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