New Mom Confessions: I Need To Remember I’m Still A Wife

I confess: being a new mom can definitely be overwhelming at times. Ok, it’s overwhelming 90% of the time, and this is coming from someone who had a lot of help the first week and a half, and is only now, coming into week three, starting to cook again. I also happen to be married to a wonderful man of God who really served me. The first two weeks, sir Jonathan became a professional butler. While I was glued to my bed or the rocking chair, he was making me breakfast, getting me water, just running back and forth at my numerous beck and calls.

Now here I am: our precious Arrow is three weeks old today, and after my husband told me how my dad encouraged him (grandpa was saying how gifted he was with film and to really pursue it), just hearing the joy in Jonathan’s voice, it hit me:

You’re still a wife.

With all the breastfeeding on demand, picking up baby when he wants to be held, and cleaning dirty diapeys, our son is my number one time consumer. I know he needs me this much, but I can’t forget that my husband needs me to. Even if it’s just a word of encouragement, I can’t forget to care for my marriage. I like to refer to relationships as gardens. If you lovingly tend to your relationship with God, your spouse, your children, it will flourish and become beautiful. If you neglect it, it will wither and eventually die.

If you’re a new mom like me and married, don’t forget your husband. He’s not an adorable, helpless little person that fits perfectly in your arms, but he does need your encouragement and your attention. Flirt with him, give him a genuine compliment, thank him for working hard. Men love to be appreciated, we all do actually. And when you’re feeling overwhelmed, just start to thank God for all that is good in your life; for your precious baby and your wonderful husband.

I’m still only three weeks in, I don’t know what challenges await in the future, but I do know this is just a season. And our baby is already growing rapidly. I need to seize this time and treasure every bit of it, because one day I won’t be able to hold my Arrow. But I also need to tend to the garden of my marriage and make sure no weeds or thorns spring up.

God created us for this. We can be a great wife and mother at the same time. So let’s do it!

God’s peace and grace to you,


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