Here’s Why We Were Created


“I give waters in the wilderness And rivers in the desert, To give drink to My people, My chosen. This [insert your name] I have formed for Myself; [she] shall declare My praise.”
Isaiah‬ ‭43:20-21‬ ‭NKJV


Let that marinate in your brain. If you are a Christian, God chose you. God formed you for Himself so that you would declare His praise.

The Perfect Creator, the One all will someday bow before, picked you; He picked me. Why?

Because I knew you would pick Me. I formed you to be loved by Me, and I by you.

Do we grasp this? I mean really? How can we? The closest earthly picture I can fathom to even begin understanding why on earth God just wants to love us and be loved by us is my son.

Before I got pregnant, I longed for a child. Interestingly, the longer I walked with Jesus, growing more like Him, the stronger this desire became. It was so great, I wanted a child so immensely, I just remember falling to my knees during worship and weeping.

But why? Why did I want a kid so bad? Because though I didn’t think this at the time, because I never had a child so my brain couldn’t compute this, my heart, my spirit knew that I would so love and enjoy a child. It was and is a supernatural instinct. That’s the only way this makes any sense at all. Because if you’ve had a child you understand all the discomfort and pain pregnancy and birth brings, and all the extreme exhaustion and difficulty caring for a child entails. It just does not naturally make sense to so deeply desire something that takes such hard work and makes us so vulnerable.

When a child rebels, it absolutely breaks a loving parent’s heart. My dad was a marine. He is one of the toughest if not thee toughest men I know, but when he found out my sister was on crack for a week, he was destroyed. When he broke down in front of her, it so moved her, she stopped doing it.

We were created in Christ’s image. Our desire to love and be loved is not natural, it is godly. Though we can grow up and choose our own path, rejecting Him and utterly breaking God’s heart, He loves us enough to make us anyway because He knows that some of us will love Him back. And to Him, that’s worth it; we’re worth it.

If you didn’t know what your purpose was, you do now: to love God and be loved by Him. Praise God indeed. What an amazing reality. As time goes on, and we continue holding Christ’s hand, I pray we grasp this truth evermore deeply because God wants us to.

“I made known to them your name, and I will continue to make it known, that the love with which you have loved me may be in them, and I in them.”-Jesus (John 17:26)

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