Are You On the Way to Hell In the Name of Love?

How many people are on their way to hell in the name of love?

I thought I knew what love was. I didn’t know at the time that the reason I kept searching for it was because I had no idea what it was, so everywhere I looked, it escaped me. There was no real love in the relationships I had; in the fire I felt by the touch of a guy. No amount of attention or affection was ever enough. And it was always polluted, and left me broken, over and over and over again. I thought for sure I’d be unmarried the rest of my life, and alone.

And all the while, there were times where, in the midst of my brokenness, my heartache over yet again another failed attempt at love, I cried out to Jesus. I remembered the One…but then, the devil would send another beautiful guy in my path who said the right words and I forgot about Christ; forgot how He answered my cry and showed me He was there…listening, near…I didn’t know He wasn’t just close, but that He was waiting…for me.

So years passed and heartbreak after heartbreak it was the same thing, moments of crying to Jesus, experiencing His nearness, and then getting distracted from it. This path of darkness and thorns with just the briefest moments of light was all my doing…I didn’t know that Jesus didn’t want to just pierce my darkness once in a while, but that He wanted to completely eradicate it and flood my life with His light.

After my third heartbreak in a row from the same guy, the one I had loved more than any other, I cried out to Jesus. But this time, it was different. Because this time, when He answered me, I determined to respond, and to keep responding.

I was done searching for love in broken human beings, I was going to seek out Jesus like I had the many guys whom I wanted attention from. I began reading the New Testament, I turned on Christian music and that’s all I listened to. I went back to Christian, bible-teaching church, I attended a woman’s bible study. My prayers were suddenly being answered like never before. Joy flooded my heart and in six days after that last heartbreak, my heart was healed! I was so content, so joyful, so excited. Everything was different, and it wasn’t just a shift of perspective, by my whole life began to transform. Light had found His way in my heart and mind and now I was walking on a clear, bright path.
And till this day, I still am.

If you’re looking for love everywhere, but have yet to REALLY seek it in Jesus, I dare you to start hunting. And here is what I am absolutely, undeniably certain of, you will discover Him, and you will never need to look anywhere else again.

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