Running Your Husband

In Genesis 3, Eve overstepped her role and took on her husband’s hat—the hat of leader—answering the serpent first, then deciding without seeking her husband’s opinion, to grab and eat the forbidden fruit, and then she provided that which was forbidden to him. She took on the role of protector and provider and this brought not only herself down, but her husband as well, for later on, he felt shameful, and God cursed them both. Eve’s decision also helped bring a wedge between her husband and his relationship with God.
We women have to remember that we were taken from man. And that very well may be the reason we sometimes—or often times—try to take the lead in our family, and step in front of and speak up before our husband does. We also want to protect and provide, but we must learn how to tame that desire, and make it secondary to our husband’s roles of protecting and providing. We provide the protection our husband has set; enforcing his spiritual and moral rules and seeking him to defend against spiritual attacks. I do believe in having your own prayer life of course, and covering your husband and family in prayer, but when we don’t include our Christian husband whenever we are attacked by Satan, we are doing our husband and ourselves a disservice, and likely even unintentionally belittling our men. We think we got this; we don’t need their spiritual support; we can fight the devil ourselves and stand firm on our own. We may not verbalize this, but our actions prove it to be so.

This desire to rule over ourselves and our husband is a curse that brings ruin to our marriage if not brought into submission to Jesus Christ. Being a strong-willed, determined woman myself, I know this kind of submission to our husband isn’t always easy, but may we rely evermore on the strength of the Lord within us to accomplish this feat, that our marriages and households may thrive and be blessed.

Much love, ladies.

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