What does it mean to have a pure heart before God?

Today in prayer I cried before Jesus, asking Him to give me a pure heart before Him. And it hit me: wanting to please Him is pure-hearted. 

How many of us come to Christ and then begin thinking of how we can live in a way that pleases Him? 

How often do you ask yourself if what you’re about to do, say, wear, hang with, date, pleases Him? 

I think often, many of us accept Christ and then, since we know we are accepted, we stop there and continue behaving the way we did before we “surrendered” to Him–except maybe now we go to church service more often. 

But do we even do that to please Him or because we just feel good when we go, i.e., it pleases us. Christians aren’t supposed to behave like the world, to copy their patterns which can often be boiled down to: do what makes you happy, and to hell with everyone else.

If others’ desires and plans don’t align with making them happy, those people just need to be disposed of (or have their reputation ripped to shreds and be sued royally and then suffer with their family in poverty and hopefully die fast, but I digress). 

As children of God, the Father of Jesus Christ, we’re actually supposed to first think of ways to please/make Him happy. It’s totally counter to our selfish, sinful nature, I know. 

But one way you can really gage if you’re becoming more and more like Jesus is how much you desire to live to please the Father. Jesus was all about pleasing His Father. He listened to God on a regular basis by getting alone with Him in prayer early each morning and in the evening; He knew God’s word perfectly and He obeyed His Father’s commands. 

Are you doing that?

If you don’t at all, or just rarely think of ways to please the one who died for you and gave up everything for you, then ask yourself why that is?

Now, I’m not saying to seek to please God so you can earn heaven, or seem like a goodie-two-shoe in front of others. It should just be a genuine desire birthed and fueled by a growing love and appreciation for Jesus and all He’s done for you. Period. No strings attached. Just pure love. 

And when you get to that place, you’re not perfect, but your heart is truly pure, and then you’ll begin experiencing this promise like never before:

“Blessed are the pure in heart, For they shall see [experience] God.”-Matthew‬ ‭5:8‬ ‭NKJV‬‬


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