Ladies: Know Your Worth!!!

An oldie, but a goodie.

Natasha Sapienza

So, I was reading some of this book called “For Young Women Only” and they were interviewing a number of guys to reveal their thoughts in regards to us ladies.  One of the questions went like this,

“Imagine you’re in math class.  A girl with a nice figure in shorts and a spaghetti strap top goes to the board to  answer a question.   She’s not showing off her body- she’s just wearing the usual clothes from A& F.  What’s going on in your mind while she works out the problem?”

Here is what a few of, the author says to be decent guys, most of whom are already in a relationship, had to say.

“Nice body.”

“I hope she gets to work out all the problems on the board today.”

“I wonder what underwear she’s wearing.”

(Next guy, overhearing), “…or if she’s wearing underwear.”

“I’m thinking…is she a virgin?”

“If I’m not careful…

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