Me and Sir Jonathan’s TRUE supernatural love story is now on Wattpad!

“You know what God? Forget about Dace and Chris. I wanna dream of a new guy.” I pulled my covers up to my shoulders and then drifted into another land…

If you told me a vampirish dream in which I’d be saved by a hot guy with fangs was a prophetic fore-taste of a swiftly-coming romance, I’d laugh and ask what you’d been smoking lately.

But what would you say if I told you that dream was true, and that I’m now living it?

Welcome to my supernatural love story.-Natasha

The way me and Jonathan came together is nothing short of supernatural. It sounds like a YA fiction novel so I decided why not write it in the style of one? It’s written in first-person point of view, and you’re experiencing my relationships as I experienced them. You get to be in my teenage head, and as if watching a Netflix show unfold, you’ll go on a journey from my first love at seventeen-years-old to meeting my true love at nineteen. But before you get to enjoy my happy ending, strap on your seatbelt, because I take you through the rollercoaster I experienced in the two relationships leading up to my last and present one.

Are you ready?

Start reading my ongoing, true, supernatural love story absolutely free on Wattpad now. 

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