“I’m ten and I pose topless like my grown-up media icons do.”

Down the road regret is something that awaits the person who thinks, “I’m young so I’m just gonna have fun and live it up.”
Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad to have fun, but there is a right kind of a fun and a wrong kind of fun. There’s fun that costs you ten bucks and then there’s “fun” that takes more than you bargained for, e.g. losing your virginity for the first time.

I have yet to meet a girl who does not regret losing their virginity [before marriage] to the guy they lost it to or the time they chose to do it. Not. One.

Maybe you’re reading this and thinking, “I don’t regret losing my virginity when I did.” Maybe not enough time has passed for the consequences of your decision to manifest clearly. Whatever the case may be, we ladies especially, can tend to make lots of emotionally based decisions that we end up regretting.

I write this because I want you to be done with the regrets. Living a life of regret is not a healthy one. I drank myself silly (or till blackness), more than a few times when I decided to illegally drink at the age of eighteen.

Do I wish I never did any of those things, yeah of course. Blacking out because of alcohol is something I pray my future children never do. How about all the loser guys I dated? O boy, how much heartache I would have spared myself if I chose to just wait for the right guy.

We see dating, sex, drinking–all these things people are doing at younger and younger ages–and get blinded to the effects of these activities. Thanks to the majority of media and the people they set up as icons, ten-year-old’s are starting to have sex with each other.

Look at how little girls are dressing and dancing. Yes it’s the parents’ fault as well, they can somewhat monitor what their kids watch, but honestly, they cannot monitor what enters their child’s mind 24/7 unless they lock their kids up inside all day and hover their every move.

The sex message is everywhere. Don’t want your kid or little five-year-old sister to wanna be sexy, don’t take them to a mall. In Aventura Mall, one of the largest and most popular malls in America, you don’t have to step one foot inside of Victoria’s Secret to see a sexy half-naked model. She’s taking up part of an entire wall from top to bottom shouting, “Look at me, come inside, buy what I’m wearing, be sexy.

Don’t take them to Abercrombie or Ruehl or more than half of the other stores in the mall either if you don’t want them to see nude pictures that are just barely revealing what’s supposed to be the “private parts” of their models. Private parts. I haven’t even heard that term in years! It’s like nothing is private anymore, nothing is special, nothing is forbidden, nothing is off limits.

I plead with you, young or even older woman alike reading this blog to think twice about growing up fast. Your body is sacred. Call it a holy word, I say it’s simply a truth you need to know about yourself. Yes, many people are–sadly enough–flashing their goods like it’s all dandy, but deep down, you know there’s something demeaning in that, something that doesn’t seem right for a ten-year-old to pose with top off and pants pulled down to one side in front of a camera for the world to see? Doesn’t that picture of that little girl topless tick you off? What happened to little girls wanting to be like Cinderella and Belle? Now it seems little girls want to be like Lady Gaga and Beyonce instead.

Will some real role models please stand up? Where are you? Are you out there? Can you fight the current and do what’s right? Can you be a princess, someone little girls can mimic without having to compromise their innocence?

Think before you do, before you try, before you, “have some fun.” There’s little eyes watching you. Little girls are looking for role models, especially if they don’t have a good one at home. Do you want them to walk around like another mini-Beyonce and have sick old men undressing them with their eyes? After seeing images like these, although I’m not condoning it, I can understand why there’s so many pedophiles out there.

Please ladies, stand up and be the princess icons our younger generation needs. I beg you. I’m a princess. I will make sure I act accordingly knowing that when I step out of my house, I’m influencing someone.

What are your thoughts on all this? Please feel free to share them in a respectful manner in a comment.

Will a real gentleman please stand up? Hello? Is anyone there?

So, if there are sex ed classes starting as early as 7th grade why don’t, along with these classes, the school boards add a “How to be a gentleman” class?  I mean, can you imagine if there was such a class starting in 7th grade all the way up until 12th???  If parents are too busy to monitor what their children watch/listen to, somebody’s gotta teach these boys how to treat others, but especially women with honor and respect.

Think about it:  the media is teaching guys how to treat women.  Lil Wayne’s teaching young men how to basically rape women and according to Time Magazine he’s, “The best rapper alive.”  I’m really ticked off right now when you think of what this magazine is saying.  A guy who talks about demanding women to “bust open like they’re sposed to,” and more disgusting things I don’t even want to repeat in this blog is the best?  What about Lecrae?  A young rapper who tells men, that God “Taught us that real leaders follow God, Finish the work ’cause we on our job Taught us not to rob But give life love a wife like He loved the Church, Not seeing how many hearts we can break first,” and tells young women, “Mami show respect for your body Instead of getting naked and naughty Like sex is a hobby You know what you’re supposed to do Let him loose and cling to the God that wants to get close to you.”

I honestly feel somewhat bad for young men because they’re being bombarded with lies like, “Treat a girl like a dog because she isn’t worth as much as you are and it’s what all grown men are doing who got money and fame,” constantly.  The influence of the media is astounding.  Then most of their guy friends are being fed the same things so they’re not great influences either.

What were to happen if young men began to stand up and say, “No, I’d rather follow God than Lil Wayne?”  Can you imagine that?  How many of you ladies, even if you’re not sure if you believe in God, would want a guy that follows the media or a guy who follows God?  If you were honest, you’d want option B.

Here’s the wonderful thing:  there are more guys out there rebelling against the media and following God than you think.  But princesses, you’re not going to run into him at a club, a bar, a party or what have you.  He’s too busy honoring the God he serves than to get entangled into those things.  These guys are the dream guys, these guys are the real princess, the gentlemen.  Now, there are guys out there who don’t necessarily believe in God, yet you’d say they are gentleman and treat you right.  Well, I would argue that unconsciously, they’re following God because morals are written in their hearts and they are stronger minded and can discern that some of the crap out there in movies and on the radio isn’t right.  I commend them.  BUT, if the guy you’re with happens to be a “good guy” according to your standards, let me ask you one thing:  is he having sex with you?

“Oh, Natasha, don’t get all old school on us again like you always do,” well, I have to.  I would be lying to you if I said, “Oh yeah, that’s fine.  He’s a great guy for having sex with you and not other girls.”  It just isn’t so.  If there are guys who are willing NOT to have sex with you because they want to honor and respect you, that’s a great guy!  But unfortunately, most men aren’t taught that way.  It’s only a true man of God that holds such convictions as, “Respect a girl until you’re man enough to walk her down an aisle.”  And really, princess, would you want anything less?  If you had a choice to either have a guy who would wait for you or a guy who would not, what would you choose?

Maybe you think there’s nothing wrong with pre-marital sex so you don’t care if a guy would wait or not, but I ask you to check out my page, “premarital sex is damaging to the brain?” and to really contemplate the cons to premarital sex because there’s plenty.

So to wrap it up, bad news:  most of the crap you here on power 96 sucks and is enlisting guys to be rapists

Good news:  there actually are gentlemen out there who would honor, respect and cherish you like the princess you are.  How to snag one of them:  get to know and love God to the point where finding a prince doesn’t matter as much to you as God does and then He’ll work out the rest.


With passion and loving concern for all you precious princesses,