Can someone let Rihanna, Jay Z, Kanye, and Gaga know that they are not God?

All I gotta ask is, did any of them choose to exist? Which one of them created themself? So if they didn’t even ask to be here, what makes them think they can mock God and claim to be God? They could be here today, and then gone tomorrow–their lives are just dust, like the rest of us on this earth. Money and fame got some people straight up delusional, soundin’ like they should be in an asylum. I mean seriously, when you think about it, how in the world would you react if I approached you and said–in all seriousness–that I was God? You’d laugh in my face, or keep on walkin’, yet it’s like we don’t hear when these artists claim to be God so openly in their music. No one stops and says, “Hold up, homie, you’re not God, you’re just a human being like me, susceptible to sickness, and most certaintly death.” So since no one is saying anything, I decided I would. Rihanna, you’re not God. Jay Z, you’re not God, Kanye, you’re not God, and Gaga, you’re not God, so please humble yourselves before He does.

There’s only one cure for loneliness, and it isn’t popularity.

Flipping through the pages of a Billboard magazine I don’t remember subscribing to, I see lots of brightly dressed celebrities with large blue wigs and dyed pink hair–their get-ups resembling that of a super-hero film set in the seventies. I see several different photos of some of the same artists–each one their apparel getting all the more flamboyant–and it suddenly hits me: these poor souls are just desperate for attention. Any will do, be it positive or negative, commending or defaming, as long as someone is noticing them. These people crave it, live for it. They’re like fiends who can’t get enough strangers yelling their name’s and taking photos of them. They hope this will satisfy the hunger in their hearts, the gaping hole that eats at them every day, enlarging before they go to sleep at night. But it isn’t working. So they turn to drugs, to sex, to things that bring their bodies momentary pleasure. After a while, this too fails them. They think, ‘I know what I need to do: clean up my act, and get married.’ Most of the time, it only takes a year (sometimes even less than that), to realize even this doesn’t satisfy. So they tell themselves, ‘Wait! I know what will put an end to this burning desire: a family!’ They have a kid, or two, or six, and although the hole that consumes them is slightly numbed, it still isn’t pacified. “I don’t understand,” they say. “I have everything! Fame, riches, and a family. Why do I still feel this way? What could possibly be missing?” They can’t figure it out, or they refuse to cry out to the one they’ve ignored all their life, so despair consumes them, and they end their life.

This is the story of too many of them. I don’t need to say their names, we all know the famous suicides who had the entire world in their hands, and found it to not be enough. But I want to prevent those who are still with us today. The ones heading down that same road of destruction, that same empty road whose promises, in the end, never deliver the needed satisfaction.

Dear, Lady Gaga, I bring a message of hope. There is One that satisfies like the things of this world can’t. There is One who takes your brokenness, and pieces you back together again. There is One who gives you a never-ending supply of the most powerful force in the universe and in heaven itself–unconditional love. Pure love, untainted by the lies. A love that knows every sin you’ve ever committed, yet longs to forgive you for each one of them. His arms are open wide, He doesn’t care if you’ve murdered, lied, cheated, stolen, abused, blasphemed–if you will just turn to Him. Why gain the whole world, yet lose your own soul? Why live for the temporal, when your life is in His hands, and He decides when it ends? Why ignore judgement, as if you will escape it? Do you not know that God, “is a consuming fire,” and, “it is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the living God”? Demons tremble at the power of His name, darkness flees from His presence, it cannot stand against it. He is more powerful than everything you cling to, and if you’re not on His side, in the end, you will lose. Love cries out, it shouts from the mountains and echoes in the hills, “Come to Me, let Me make you new.”

Despite what you’ve encountered in this fallen world, His love for you is unchanging. Every second He grants you life, He gives you opportunity to come to Him, to surrender to His love. He brings glory and honor, if you only knew. The world and all its glory is fading, but the glory of Jesus Christ never fades.

“There is a way that seems right to a man, but it’s path ends in death.”

Choose life, choose love. He’s waiting.

My Holy Ghost Celebrity Hit List

So, I have a Holy Ghost Hit list (i.e. the people I pray come to Christ), and I have a few celebs that I pray for daily. Stefani Joanne (Lady Gaga), Jared Leto, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Ryan Murphy and his casting director Robert Ulrich, along with his choreographer, Zach Woodle, The Jonas Brothers, and Beyonce. I’ve prayed for many celeb’s salvation, but these are the ones I pray for every day. I was wondering, if you’re a Christian, do you have any celebs on your Holy Ghost Hit list? I think it’s important to pray for celebrities, because when the flashing lights stop, and the screaming fans are gone, they are just as lost as anyone else without Christ. So, if you’re a believer and pray for celebrities, make my day and please share which ones God has laid on your heart.

“I’m ten and I pose topless like my grown-up media icons do.”

Down the road regret is something that awaits the person who thinks, “I’m young so I’m just gonna have fun and live it up.”
Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad to have fun, but there is a right kind of a fun and a wrong kind of fun. There’s fun that costs you ten bucks and then there’s “fun” that takes more than you bargained for, e.g. losing your virginity for the first time.

I have yet to meet a girl who does not regret losing their virginity [before marriage] to the guy they lost it to or the time they chose to do it. Not. One.

Maybe you’re reading this and thinking, “I don’t regret losing my virginity when I did.” Maybe not enough time has passed for the consequences of your decision to manifest clearly. Whatever the case may be, we ladies especially, can tend to make lots of emotionally based decisions that we end up regretting.

I write this because I want you to be done with the regrets. Living a life of regret is not a healthy one. I drank myself silly (or till blackness), more than a few times when I decided to illegally drink at the age of eighteen.

Do I wish I never did any of those things, yeah of course. Blacking out because of alcohol is something I pray my future children never do. How about all the loser guys I dated? O boy, how much heartache I would have spared myself if I chose to just wait for the right guy.

We see dating, sex, drinking–all these things people are doing at younger and younger ages–and get blinded to the effects of these activities. Thanks to the majority of media and the people they set up as icons, ten-year-old’s are starting to have sex with each other.

Look at how little girls are dressing and dancing. Yes it’s the parents’ fault as well, they can somewhat monitor what their kids watch, but honestly, they cannot monitor what enters their child’s mind 24/7 unless they lock their kids up inside all day and hover their every move.

The sex message is everywhere. Don’t want your kid or little five-year-old sister to wanna be sexy, don’t take them to a mall. In Aventura Mall, one of the largest and most popular malls in America, you don’t have to step one foot inside of Victoria’s Secret to see a sexy half-naked model. She’s taking up part of an entire wall from top to bottom shouting, “Look at me, come inside, buy what I’m wearing, be sexy.

Don’t take them to Abercrombie or Ruehl or more than half of the other stores in the mall either if you don’t want them to see nude pictures that are just barely revealing what’s supposed to be the “private parts” of their models. Private parts. I haven’t even heard that term in years! It’s like nothing is private anymore, nothing is special, nothing is forbidden, nothing is off limits.

I plead with you, young or even older woman alike reading this blog to think twice about growing up fast. Your body is sacred. Call it a holy word, I say it’s simply a truth you need to know about yourself. Yes, many people are–sadly enough–flashing their goods like it’s all dandy, but deep down, you know there’s something demeaning in that, something that doesn’t seem right for a ten-year-old to pose with top off and pants pulled down to one side in front of a camera for the world to see? Doesn’t that picture of that little girl topless tick you off? What happened to little girls wanting to be like Cinderella and Belle? Now it seems little girls want to be like Lady Gaga and Beyonce instead.

Will some real role models please stand up? Where are you? Are you out there? Can you fight the current and do what’s right? Can you be a princess, someone little girls can mimic without having to compromise their innocence?

Think before you do, before you try, before you, “have some fun.” There’s little eyes watching you. Little girls are looking for role models, especially if they don’t have a good one at home. Do you want them to walk around like another mini-Beyonce and have sick old men undressing them with their eyes? After seeing images like these, although I’m not condoning it, I can understand why there’s so many pedophiles out there.

Please ladies, stand up and be the princess icons our younger generation needs. I beg you. I’m a princess. I will make sure I act accordingly knowing that when I step out of my house, I’m influencing someone.

What are your thoughts on all this? Please feel free to share them in a respectful manner in a comment.