Who is Natasha Sapienza?


What am I about?

I am extremely passionate about relationships. I’m particularly passionate about teaching women how to guard their hearts so they don’t get trampled on, how to respect themselves by setting certain standards, and to know what the Perfect Man thinks of them so they’re encouraged to not settle for a destructive or just mediocre relationship.

Who in the world am I?

I’m a Christ-follwer, currently focused on writing novels and producing a television series with hubby. Sir Jonathan (we just celebrated seven years of marriage!), and I also make videos geared toward women about relationships and following Jesus.

What I hope you get from this blog:

I pray that you ladies will be inspired to wait on the man God has for you, and to grow in your own personal love-relationship with Jesus.

What to expect:

A post a week on growing in your relationship with God and/or relationship advice for the princesses out there.

Wanna get familiar?

Here’s a few of my top posts

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A little more about me

I’m a Cuban-American twenty-something who’s unfortunately had fifty-three boyfriends (because my first heartbreak in Kindergarten counts, too!). But, by God’s grace, I met my prince at age nineteen and got married by twenty. We have two awesome sons, Arrow and Braven, and are in pre-production for a tv series geared at teens and young adults.

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